Old New World - Grande Arche

Edition of 10 + 2 A.P.

From March to May 2020, when France entered into lockdown due to Covid-19, I decided to stage the sudden halt of a model that had reached its limits, lived then so intensely. Inspired by a literary genre specific tothose times worried about dystopian futures (1984 – Orwell, A Brave New World – Huxley, La nuit des temps – Barjavel), I wandered in an empty Paris, pondering on our hopes for renewal. I became increasingly interested in the frontier between the possible and the impossible, which has nevertheless happened.


Following the exhibition in Galerie Durev in Paris from April 26 to June 4, 2021, about the anniversary of the first lockdown in Paris (March-May 2020).

It is a unique lithograph of the negative, printed on Canson Arches paper (see video of the process on my galery here) and framed by a “suspended” technique with acid-free attachments in order to reveal the edges of the paper. This is a custom made handcrafted natural walnut wood frame with a white acid-free matboard.

The print is 56x76cm in a frame of 62x80cm, in edition of 10 + 2 artist prints.

All orders are shipped from the gallery in Paris, carefully packed with protective casing and padding.
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