Paradise, 2021

Photographic film
Duration: 7 minutes

Awards: Special Mention Les Nuits Photo  Prize (LNP), 2021
Made with the photographs of the “Paradise” series and sound recordings (voices, various)

Direction: Maxime Riché
Editing: Maxime Riché
Format : HD 1920 x 1080, ProRes.

Subtitles available from “CC” menu: English, French

Resinotypes print process

Resinotypes print process

Created with Maison Picturale in Paris. 

Novel technique based on gelatin pigment printing with natural color pigments, pine resin and ashes collected in Paradise, California. 

This non-toxic process allows giving the prints the materiality of the black pinewood ashes.

Cibachrome prints 

Created with Julie Laporte at Cadre en Seine Labo in Paris. 

Cibachrome is a photographic process used for the reproduction of film transparencies on photographic paper. This paper and associated chemistry were discontinued in 2013.

In 2022, the last sheets of Cibachrome paper were available in Paris. This disappearing paper allows me to reflect on the disappearance of the town of Paradise, burnt to ashes. It was also the only paper able to print from the positive infrared film used for the series. With it, the yellows of the Kodak Aerochrome film turn out shiny gold, and reds a vibrant blood color.
Cibachrome print process

The Path, journey to a better future

Duration: 3 minutes
Client: Toilet Board Coalition, Switzerland

Directors: Maxime Riché & Simon Pénochet
Production: Triptych (Julia Weber, Nicolas Dhers, Maxime Riché)